New York : a paradise for gourmets !

Nowhere can you find such a variety of food and dining establishments. You can buy a hot pretzel or hot dog from a street vendor. You can sit in a sushi bar and eat raw fish. You can enjoy dishes prepared by the greatest chefs in the world. In New York, you will find seafood and Negro cuisine, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai dishes. You can even have a coffee at Vivaldi Cafe, where Woody Alain filmed Bullets Over Broadway.

The taste of food is the merit of immigrants. The unpretentious cuisine of New York was considered exotic and a small number of these restaurants were a luxury. Many dishes and drinks familiar to the rest of the country came from here. The recipe for a fluffy round bagel, which is first boiled and then baked, is the well-kept secret of the local community. In the 60s, the whole country tried the bagel, but for some reason it is the most delicious in New York. “Visissuaz” (soup of potatoes, leeks and cream), another American favorite of the French name, was invented in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, now gone. Egg cream, a mixture of seltzer water, chocolate syrup and milk (but without eggs or cream), is only known in New York.

The owners of the Delmonico restaurant claim that it is here that Newburgh lobster and “baked Alaska” were invented and gave the steak served here the name “Delmonico”. Before the 1831 opening of the Delmonico restaurant in the United States, there were no chic Parisian restaurants. The first restaurant, which printed its menu in French and also allowed women to enter the main lobby, is still in the center, where it opened.

There is not a single culinary tour of New York City in which there would be no gourmet restaurants or cafes. Immigrants from Europe “brought” with them and deli shops. Some of them are kosher with white fish and soup with meatballs. If you like this kind of food, you have the choice between Stage Delicatessen. In cafes, offer products with a national color, according to the owner.

Remarkable restaurants can be found in hotels. A striking example is the restaurant “Jean George”, opened in the new hotel “Trump”. In any case, if you like to eat tasty food, New York will not disappoint you !

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