Omsk is a city of contrasts

Now, I will write, for convenience, the local time. If applicable (in parentheses) – specify Moscow.

In the morning, while talking with Dima at breakfast, it was raining outside (for the first time after Samara). Hurray!

I went out on the street – I immediately noticed that I was refreshed, only the air was exceptionally dirty. Yesterday, as we drove towards Omsk, we saw several kilometers of pipes of a boiler room in which black smoke was pouring, towards the city. Now the wind is blowing, and what is going to happen here without wind and in the heat ?!

Through the courtyards, I reached a busy street that ran along the Irtych Bridge directly to the TV tower. He took “Lada” to the shore. Not far from the TV center, along Gornaya Street, in house 13 is the Regional Center for Children and Youth Tourism (OblDYUT). I found a tourist wearing lifejackets and a local woman historian who offered me coffee with a roll. By communicating, I learned from them about monuments and museums in Omsk. After telling the wisest routes, I said goodbye to the regional command hospital workers and made a stop in the city’s historic center along the main highway along the Irtysh.

Two twenty-year-old guys in a foreign car stopped, although I did not vote for them. I asked to take a tour of the “side of the center”. Upon learning that I was hitchhiking in Baikal, the guys came back to life: Tired of all kinds of … bazaars, I wanted to communicate with people of culture, travelers there … ”

One of them was more and more silent, the other turned out to be a “perfectly normal thug”. When he learned that I was coming from the Moscow region, he started calling me the names of the “authorities” in Moscow and was surprised not to hear them: “… how did you not heard of him ?! He is a multimillionaire in dollars! How can you not know his last name? … ”

Then I was offered to organize a guided tour of the city. “Only we will make a trip to the gas station …”. So we spoke to talk along the main street of Omsk. In order to communicate with the “traveler” in the future, they asked me for a business card with e-mail. I began to think about how I could leave the “hospital car” without offending the owners.

Then we just passed pickets with red flags near the administration building. On the lawn, just under the windows, there is a camp with red flags. Wow! This should be printed on the bottom of the “historic moment,” I thought, and asked to drop me here. We stopped in the parking lot in front of City Hall.

– Look, you see, a man in shorts is standing with a radiotelephone?

– And then what?

– It’s the FSB, the communists look like they have not thrown it.

– What can they “throw”?

– I do not know. But we will go with you, but I have never approached them either.

– At the same time, I photograph.

Slogans and calls were, in my opinion, right on the tents. My escort reads aloud: “To the President, the salary of the Academician! Minister – Associate Professor! For the MP – the student! “,” Defense will work – there will be money for teachers’ salaries! “,” Down with the delay of police processing! “Wow, we at least flesh militia on time!” Especially amused their slogan “Mafia will not pass!”

– Hey, Vasya! We are not going anywhere!

– Haha! Are you going somewhere?

– I’m not. And you

All these slogans only provoked a smile of tenderness in the “mafia”. I felt uncomfortable staying here with them and watching them. I took out a camera to take pictures. However, the general plan was difficult to take – we rushed into the avenue of the car just behind our back. I did not dare to leave on the road because a police officer was standing next to him. Suddenly, one of my companions took a camera, signaled to the police officer and asked him, “Hey, brother, stop the car, the traveler wants to be photographed …”. I did not have time to object to the way the police officer had already rushed to realize his “wish”. So I was photographed on the bottom of stakes.

Then I went for a walk in the city center. Crossing several historic streets and contemplating many commemorative plaques, I went out on a bridge overlooking the Om River. Omsk themselves, call him affectionately, Omkoy.

Omka was a very muddy river with a strong current. Not far from the bridge, he fell in the Irtysh. The Irtych River was also very muddy, but its turbidity was lighter than in Omka; therefore, the dirty plume of Omka is visible far away during the Irtysh.

On the spire of the two rivers rises the magnificent building of the river station, with its outlines resembling a cruise ship. On the square in front of River Station, the blocks of stone are late, there is a huge ball. From a distance, it looked like an alien ship landing on the launch pad. The ball proved to be a monument to the conquerors of Siberia, it was very tempting to take pictures nearby.

The train station inside was bright and spacious. I have rewritten for the Omsk – Salekhard steamship calendar. On the ground floor of the building, there were many kiosks and shops, such as the pavilions of the exhibition center of all Russia in Moscow. On the second floor – lots of comfortable seats, a police station and a mysterious glass door marked “Passenger waiting room”. As I stepped through the door, I saw my aunt in a chair guarding the stairs to the third floor. I greeted her and asked:

– And what does “waiting room for passengers” mean?

– Here our passengers are resting. replied the aunt politely.

– And how do you distinguish “your passengers” by the ticket?

– No, tickets are not necessary, just a document, a passport …

I did not go to the third floor to check the comfort level of the “room …”. Having left on the bank of the Irtysh, I decided to walk along the beach of the city. The slight turbidity contained in Irtych’s water has been slippery and unpleasant. Even in the palms, the liquid had a dirty white color. In short, I did not want to swim in this water. However, the inhabitants swam despite the fact that there were signs on the beach “The beach is closed! It is forbidden to swim! However, no one chased them out of the water, just like in the water.

After leaving the beach, I went to town in search of the Museum of Local Lore.

The museum was remembered for the fact that in the Hall of Nature, in addition to the familiar birds and stuffed animals, chains of footprints were drawn on the ground. With a certain amount of imagination, one could imagine that at night, the stuffed animals are resuscitated and walk in the room leaving traces. The other exhibitions of the museum are no less interesting, especially I would like to mention “Asian Russia” – that’s exactly what I wanted to know about the peoples of Asia.

After exploring the regional studies, he went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Vubel. As the sign says “The museum is open until 19:00.” I arrived at ten to ten and was stopped at the entrance by a police guard. He said that the box office is open until six o’clock, “she is already gone,” and no member of the administration is gone and, in general, “come back tomorrow.” All I had to do was write the museum’s phone number and hope that the next time “the box office will not go home” in advance.

The next thing I had to do in Omsk was to write a letter to the house via the Internet.

Here, I will digress for those who do not yet know how to use this powerful and universal means of communication.

The wise do not need to pay for communication on the Internet. Each of you in your hometown has a large number of friends who work in various organizations. Many of these organizations have access to the Internet, at least to email. Before traveling to far-away countries (even Honduras), you and your friend agree to send messages to your loved ones at your family’s e-mail address and send them to your home address. or in printed form (even with photos) or by phone. This powerful means of communication has one obvious disadvantage: you do not have friends in all cities with Internet access. However, you can get them easily enough! To do this, you must go to an organization where, according to your assumptions, the Internet may be. Here is an example of a “decreasing” list: scientific institutions, universities,

What is the specific organization that you need to contact in this city, it is easier to learn from the local youth, it is best to question “a man in a hurry who wears glasses, a thick and bright book under his arm “. In different cities, the Internet is distributed in varying degrees: in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are even in many schools, in the center of Kozlovo district – not even in the mayor’s office, at the Novosibirsk Academgorodok – in almost all buildings.

So, you enter one of these organizations. Do not be alarmed by the guardian! Maybe for the first time he sees a man with a backpack in these walls. Do not let him get his senses back, take the “bull by the horns” immediately:

– Hello, is there an Internet in your establishment? – This question, you take the initiative in your hands …

“Mmm … yes … and …” the watchman emerges and removes his hand from the alarm button.

– I am a traveler. I hitchhike from Moscow to Lake Baikal and I would like to send a message to the parents to tell them where I am now … If the concierge (security guard) confessed to the Internet, but “stubborn” and Do not let yourself go into the right room, load it with information “to the end.” It is also helpful to keep a backpack in your possession.

Once in the desired room, greet the people sitting at the computer, explaining the essence of the visit and its essence.

When sending a message, it is useful to specify multiple recipients in case your friend forget to check his email or lose the message. It is also useful, at the end of the letter, to indicate that you are writing it by random people and that you leave this place – so that your friends and family do not fill in the letters of innocent people. While you agree to send a letter, the staff will ask you, offer you tea, inform you about this city and may ask you for a list.

As the young men who walked in the park told me, it is better that I contact Omsk State University.

After replacing the four cars, the system stopped on this powerful establishment. In the first building, there was an Internet center, which occupied the entire wing. On the door in the hallway was hung an advertisement offering free to all students and teachers (!) To get a personal webpage and the address of an email.

I knocked on the open door and asked permission to send a letter. I immediately took out the computer and sent a message to Dubna. I reported that I am at Omsk State University, everything is in order, tomorrow I am going to Novosibirsk, the next time I will write from Akademgorodok.

After introducing “VV” to Internet users, I left the University. Two more cars were changed and I arrived at the apartment-apartment. They wrote a newspaper, packed a backpack. After a hearty and tasty dinner, I said goodbye to the hosts and drove the city’s systop. I did not know how to drive in the city, but it did not bother me at all. You stop the car and say, “Good night. I am a hitchhiker traveling from Moscow to Baikal. Give me please a lift in the direction of going to Novosibirsk. “In two cars, they went to October 10, the anniversary street, the start of the M-51, and the third driver said it was bad because it contained 150 km of primer. they almost built a new road parallel to the railway line, all public transport vehicles go to Novosibirsk Recalling that it is impossible to trust the Atlas of Highways to the letter,

From Omsk, you had to go to Novomoskovka, after passing two viaducts you have to turn right. From this turning point, I was taken to the new road. I intended to spend the night here and tomorrow, “catch the morning wave” and arrive in Novosibirsk in one day. In the middle of the night, I got off the track near the sign “Kalachinsk-84”, put up a tent under the birches and I went to bed.

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