Preface : Baikal Hitchhiker

Hello dear reader,

Let’s get to know each other I’m Lapshin Grigory. (I apologize in advance for often having to say “I” on many pages, I could not get rid of it.)

I live and work in the city of Dubna, in the Moscow region. I am 23 years old. Although I am a mechanic by specialty, I have been working for four years at the Center for Child and Youth Tourism and Environmental Education for Adolescents. I really like work. The fact is that since the age of 12, I am passionate about tourism (mainly by canoeing). Since the age of 14, I collect everything, a hundred links with the song of the author. A little later, I became interested in the environment since the summer of 1997 – hitchhiking.

As you have already guessed, with so many hobbies, there is absolutely no time left, even to make money. But, thanks to the work within TsDYUT, I can do all this during my “free time”, as they say “on a voluntary basis”. At no other job, I could not have combined all these “charges”.

When I dreamed of visiting Lake Baikal, I immediately realized that I could not go otherwise than by hitchhiking. The first time I hitchhiked at the Grushinsky festival in July 1997, and immediately after my return, I announced to everyone that from the next festival, I would go further than the Urals, in Baikal.

Some readers may ask: “Why not go” civilized “, for example by train?” In response to this question, many hitchhikers will say beautiful words about “flavor of the road”, “thirst for wandering” and adventures “and others. romantic things. Honestly, for me, the determining factor has been the trivial lack of money for travel. Understanding the trip since the beginning of today, I think even with money, it would be worth hitchhiking. Why I hope you will understand by reading this text to the end.

First of all, I wrote this book for those who, like me in the recent past, stay at home, discover distant cities and countries, festivals and campaigns, and “cry in a vest”:. .. well, THEM has works sponsorships) that allow them to go, see, participate … and I (we) have to stay at home (village, camp) for the rest of my life, and so, for the rest of my life, we can never go out …

Here, for these people, the romantics of the soul, torn by a thirst for wandering, this Scripture is for you.

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