Report on a trip to Bulgaria, Bansko (Svetlana Azeva )

Yes, we were not going to the mountains this spring … Well, honestly … Well, we decided to save money – in the August plans, the big pokatushki in Argentina (but pah-pah-pah – do not ruin it 😉

But two months have passed since our New Year’s trip – and we are in the grip of vague doubts … On the one hand, we have agreed not to leave before the summer … And on the other. .. First, Lechin celebrates his birthday in the mountains in the usual way. Secondly, the passports with the annual availability of the Bulgarian multivizats became completely dusty in the closet in just two months … And in Bansko now, it’s the snow …

More doubts on the 27th and the 28th … A faithful friend of the Capital Tour gives 300 euros for the cheapest tickets for Sofia – the toad strangles, but we save! We are wandering on the Internet, trying to look elsewhere, as an option possible, some inexpensive visits to Andorra appear

As a result, on March 1, Lech called – “Capital Tour”, a price drop of up to 100 euros (round trip), we pack the skis! Uraaaaaaa !

6th flight In Moscow by train in the morning, Serega, brother Lekhin, meets at Kursk, we go to the airport. Birthday gift – ski bag, for 2 pairs, on wheels – convenient! – It came just in passing. Seryog , thanks again, please!

The plane at 20-05. In the plane, we usually spend time behind whiskey. At 21h-55h we are in Sofia. The question of transfer Sofia – Bansko is solved very quickly: at the airport, we approach representatives of travel agencies who meet their tourists (they are 5, Tural , Solural , Almatur , two or three others, with signs very disparate), we would like to have places As a result, we leave with one of the companies in a comfortable bus at 15 euros per person. (By the way, they asked taxi drivers $ 80. That is, if you go through four, you do not have much to fear for a transfer, especially since you can probably negotiate with those eighty.

Around three o’clock in the morning, we are finally at home. In a hurry, we scatter the objects in places. Tomorrow, we do not have time to adjust things, tomorrow, CLIMMING!

First day of skiing, March 7th.

In principle, from our hotel to the ski lift – about 15 minutes at a leisurely pace. But walking in ski boots is a thankless task. In the morning, we negotiate with the kindest girl at the reception of the nearest hotel (” Mountview Lodge”). We have permission to take the lift with their bus + to drop our equipment in the ski room of the hotel. Trip 8 leva for two round trip. Honestly gave the driver with whom they agreed. Sometimes another arrived – then 8 levs were saved successfully, merging with the local hotel population.

The bus takes off in the morning and takes every half hour after skiing:

No queues! Quietly, we buy the ski pass, climb the stairs to the elevator and immediately go up. With horror, we remember the New Year’s holidays when we queued for an hour and a half to get an elevator!

Information from – practice reading in Bulgarian, this will come in handy.

Trail layout of Bansko:

Now they were sitting and wondering what to write on the tracks … For us, after Cheget , almost all the pieces are “perfectly prepared”. Well, yes, they drive rat-racks in the evening … Well, yes, we lovers, we get up early, not once with pleasure in the footsteps of the evening … Naturally, at the the second half of the day, everything breaks – in some places, even bumps are forming – and, scary to say, we also like to climb mounds … But – we did not meet one and not two dissatisfied with the preparation of the tracks. Therefore, we do not want to advise anyone – our position is simple – we love EVERYONE all tracks: prepared, unprepared, fast and hard, soft, with mounds …

And more: we love more tracks off the slopes. So …

“Schematic of freeride zones for beginners” – they are drawn according to the received impressions, look at the red arrows and the numbers – number of descents. Photos also signed by the number of descents. Warning: our program is by no means an action guide, as the off-piste in Bansko is forbidden – in principle.

Walk down arrows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – a circus to the left of Todorka (see below – from the lift to the mountain). Roughly, they descend from the elevator along Arrow 1. Although there are traces of Todorka Ridge descending along Arrow 2, a narrow corridor 3 and Saddles 4 and 5 For all descents except the first, it is necessary to climb the ridge to the top of Todorka . We did not walk, we fell directly from the lifts along the arrow 1. Great views of the mountains!

At the exit of the circus, it is better to snug left and exit at the terminus of the elevator I.

Descents 6, 7, 8, 12 – the hall on the right of the town of Todorka . There are several variants of descents, so you enter different corridors. You can immediately drop from the ski lift (or just below it – depending on the snow cover) along the arrow 6; you have already seen two ski slopes and a recently descended avalanche trail – the urge to climb has completely disappeared.

On the arrow 8 at the bottom, a lot of fun!

According to arrow 7, Lech traveled alone and took a liking to this descent last year. Lech: “At first, a fairly wide field with a good slope is gradually compressed in a narrow corridor. In the corridor, I rolled through the language of a small avalanche. A terribly uneven surface, in one of the angles, the ski was defeated, in a ski up to 10 meters – like a moment – he started a ski and fell! Descent from the corridor – small trees on the road (along the road signs indicating “Avalanche”). You can walk through the woods on the ridges of the corridors, but there is a chance of hitting you at steep cliffs – you will have to scratch sideways. In general, the choice of descent is quite large – it all depends on the skill of the “pilot”.

The descents along arrows 6 and 7 are clearly visible from elevator VI (sit in the rightmost chair).

Third day: Radauti-Bran (Bucovina to Transylvania)
Second day: Kiev-Radauti (Romania)