Report on travel to Vietnam

As always, I’m looking for traveling companions.

And then there were other travelers on a trip to Vietnam: Lena from Dnepropetrovsk and Sasha from Poltava.

In general, in Vietnam, it was known that this country is less visited by tourists, for example those of neighboring Thailand.

The country is cheap to live and travel (hotels earn on average 15 to 17 dollars per room, they even saw options at 8 dollars).

The flight is cheaper than to neighboring countries, namely $ 608 from Kiev (this price was all summer).

And I’m also interested in the history of wars and weapons. It was therefore interesting to look at the country that managed to resist the United States. Visits planned for two excursions on the theme of war.

During the trip, it appeared that the Vietnamese read a lot, did a lot of physical education, drove motorcycles in a masterful way, some nationalities had very strange customs, in the mountainous regions, tourists are assimilated to cows;), local trains are a strong test for untrained tourists, there are original forms of religion in Vietnam and others.


Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Kurchi Fan District, Teinin, Khoi-An, Marble Mountains and Caves, Da Nang and Khoi-An Beaches, Hue (and the Tomb of the Emperors), Ski Resort Sapa and Halong Khan Bay.

Of us, only Lena knows English well.

But local English has sometimes given reasons to smile. For example, from day one, I started to speak Vietnamese (and it’s nice when we speak Vietnamese;)) “kis mi” (kiss me), more precisely “e kis mi”. Then it turned out that they wanted to apologize.

Another word “ekonizm” that we did not understand immediately. We were asked if we needed him? And why the devil do you understand, is it necessary, perhaps it is necessary?

When they realized it was air conditioning, they laughed for a long time, then the word “ecotonicism” became slang for us, used in various cases and, of course, always with a smile.

Only “ekonism” in the trains did not smile, it was a hurricane of icy air. But we still managed to cope with this beast.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …