Residents of Vietnam: Descendants of the dragon

Residents of the country consider themselves descendants of the dragon and the celestial fairy. The word Long (dragon) is found in geographical names throughout Vietnam. Dragon images and sculptures are also common.

Originally, this legend is told in the performances of puppet theaters on the water. Previously, there were captions on the screen, which explains what will be shown. Namely – the dragon met a celestial flying creature, they had love, as a result of which 100 eggs were laid, from which the first Vietnamese hatched.

Moreover, all this is shown by dolls. In the role of a celestial flying creature is someone like a firebird.

In the following actions, Vietnamese life, their life, fishing and dancing were shown.

Before the action with the dance, it is written on the screen that the fan plays an important role in the life of the Vietnamese.

As a result, we translate out loud that “the fan plays an important role in the life of the Vietnamese” … It makes sense, it is difficult to disagree with that! After all, not everyone can afford an air conditioner, and a fan can afford it.

The text also states that if there is no partner for the dance, the Vietnamese usually dance with … the fans. (?)

Kapets …

But after the story of the Vietnamese origin of eggs, dancing with fans does not seem very unusual.

It turns out it was about the fans. But the fan is the first translation of the word fan …

I flew to Ho Chi Minh a day earlier than my fellow travelers. All hotels except the first were not booked.

On the first day, I went on an excursion to the Kuchi supporters district, near Ho Chi Minh City, and to the city of Teinin (at a cost of $ 7).

Taynin is the center of a very original Vietnamese religion called Kao Dai.

The teaching of Kao Dai is a synthesis of Christianity and Asian beliefs, associated with spiritual practices and Masonic rituals.

Kao Dai translates as “supreme throne”, “god”, described as a sacred eye that sees everything.

Eye that sees everything


The main temple of Tay Ninh Temple impresses with its colorful design and rituals.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …