Second day of travel

The companions arrive and spend the night. The next day we fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang (flight, $ 35). Low cost flights purchased in advance.

flight attendant

In low-cost on board fed for a fee. It is good that prices are not higher than in cafes.

On the photo – “him” pancakes – the stuffing of pork and vegetables is wrapped in rice paper.

In Da Nang, we immediately take a taxi to go to Hoi An (hotel PHUOC AN)

Hoi An has traditional urban development areas of the late 17th and early 19th century with wooden houses, benches, doors and carved wells. 844 buildings are recognized as UNESCO monuments.

One of the attractions of Hoi An is the meeting communities, the diasporas – people from different provinces of China.

We stayed at Hoi Ana for 4 incomplete days. But Lena loved the atmosphere and the energy of this place so much that she did not want to leave (especially since the hotel had a swimming pool, and near the city was the beach).

Old “Japanese covered bridge”.

Old wooden house

These spirals have been brewing for a month.

In general, comfortable and beautiful such a city

In the evening, in Hoi An (and all over Vietnam), the children sing. That is, they rush with the dragon, knock on the drums, enter cafes and shops, and receive something as a gift.

The next day, we visit the marble mountains, then we head to the beach.

The marble mountains are located 10 km south of Da Nang.

Surprisingly, the lift lifts the mountains

Elevator In the foreground, marble sculptures for sale. Let’s hope the marble mountains will not turn into marble products.

This tourist site is a small route, built in the mountains, through caves, on the way there are several picturesque temples.

The entrance to one of the caves:

Lena probably thinks you have to take off a backpack?
She climbed with a backpack!
The mountains are really made of marble

Inside the temples
Very beautiful statues are sold under the mountains.
These caves are small, but in the rest of the report, there will be a story about Halong Bay, where we went through huge caves.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …