Temple of Literature (Van Mieu)

“Temples of Literature” or “Book of Wisdom”, called temples dedicated to Confucius, the philosopher who formulated the principles of harmonious relations between people at different levels of society, from the village to the royal court.

In the temples, state examinations have been held to determine the extent to which he gives the right to occupy an administrative post.

In the temple of literature, the names of the winners of the “Pan-Vietnamese Olympiads” are engraved on stone stelae (in the photo). They received the highest positions in the state.

It should be noted that the Vietnamese respect the book.

In different cities, we saw books with books in restaurants. Often, books were sold en masse in basic markets, just on the sidewalk. Such a nation of reading.

When we visited the inhabitants of the Mekong Delta, they read our guide in English with interest, read our advertising guide, it’s interesting!

Such houses with narrow facades, but of great length in depth, can often be found everywhere in Vietnam.

The reason for building houses of this type is that taxes are proportional to the width of the building facade.

Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi

The museum building features Vietnamese decorations, clothing and tools.

In the courtyard of the museum, there are houses and traditional buildings.

The most interesting for me was the Banar assembly house, inside the house is a banar. When you walk on this “air floor”, you think that you will now fail.) Tombstone of the Ziari people

Boat for 50 people

These outfits seemed to me the most unusual, in the botanical garden of Hanoi wall of mosaic several kilometers long! We passed by taxi for about half an hour, and it did not stop there! The mosaic has been drawn along the entire length by different drawings. The wall is located along the road to the airport.

We arrive at the airport, and here is the crap, our flight to Ho Chi Minh City was canceled, we were transferred to the evening flight. The airline takes us to the hotel near the airport.

Tomorrow we will go to the Mekong Delta. You can buy a group tour from Ho Chi Minh City to the delta. But we remember the best organization and the best tour service in Halong, I want freedom, so we decide to go there ourselves.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …