The hotel on the beach

The next morning, we rent a boat for a walk through the Kairang Floating Market and various canals nearby.

Departure directly from the dike of our hotel. The hotel is on the beach. In the floating market there is a fruit and vegetable shop.

Samples of the goods are suspended on the “masts” so that we can see from a distance what is sold on the boat.

There are a lot of boats, but I was expecting more, because we entered this market early, at the beginning of the seventh. Apparently many boats of uncertain age.

There are many signs on the river.

After the market, we navigate the canals. fishing gear such “monkey” bridges of a wide log are common in the delta. They are called “monkey” because you do not walk on it, but climb. Our boatman in motion cries and makes memories. handmade by our boatman

We return by bus from the city of Canto to the city of Ho Chi Minh. At the windows of the bus, we see that there is a very dark sky over Ho Chi Minh City.

We will take a shower!

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …