Transportation in Vietnam

Vietnam, like many other countries in Southeast Asia, is characterized by a very large number of motorcycles on the roads. And not only on the roads, in some areas, most sidewalks are constrained by fairy tales.

The remaining space on the sidewalk is usually filled with people who eat street food, sit on a mini-chair or without them.

It is amazing to see how the “crowds” of bikers leave at intersections. The Vietnamese probably have an innate ability to turn skillfully into a group of racing bikes. In particular, you begin to respect this skill when they collide with bicycles that cross or make their way to intersections.

When you cross busy streets, it is quite difficult to navigate the accumulation of bikes that go fast enough.

I read that for tourists to cross the street is a serious problem. Some desperate tourists even pay the locals for crossing them.)

There is only one way to cross the street. Need to go strictly with the same speed. This is exactly what locals do. Vietnamese are good enough to drive you. But as long as they see that you are moving uniformly.

But if you look in the eyes of bikers and start to jump on the road, slowing down or speeding up, the biker can not understand – where you will be at the next moment and you will not know where to dodge.

There is even a radical council: cross the street with your eyes closed.

It’s better to cross the road than at a junction, because that’s where a bike can come out of nowhere.

For all trips, I did not see a single accident.

On the photos – bikes in a small village. In big cities, bikes are a lot more.

the four of them even bike.

On the bike ride their dogs. The dog ran quickly along the bike. But at the time of the photo for some reason, I slowed down.

More on the bike carry all the most unexpected things, including huge dimensions. For example, 7 live pigs can be transported at a time. Sorry, I could not know it.

In case of rain, plastic capes cover both the man and the bike.

We went “bikers” countless times. Bicycles are more mobile than taxis because congestion can circulate.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …