Traveling by car in Bulgaria: Part 2

Auto: Toyota Town Ace Noah.
Navigation: Igo Mileage
total: 6065 km.

Itinerary: N.Novgorod – Vladimir – Elektrostal – Bronnitsy – Obninsk – Kaluga – Bryansk – Kiev – Zhytomyr – Berdichev – Khmilnyk – Bar – Kamenets Podolski – Chernivtsi – Siret (Siret) – Radauti (Radauti) – Succita (Soukita) – Submit ( Moldovita) – Voronet (Voronet) – Falticeni (Falticeni) – Roman (Roman) – Bacau (Bacau) – Onesti (Onecti) – Brasov (Brasov) – Rashnov (Rasnov) – Bran (Bran) – Predeal (Predeal) – Sinaia ( Sinaia) – Ploiesti (Ploiesti) – Bucharest – Russian – Pleven – Sofia – highway Sofia – Plovdiv – Kostenets – Belovo – Bania – Bansko.

Return: Bansko – Razlog – Blagoevgrad – Sofia – Pleven – Ruse – Bucharest – Urziceeni – Buzau – Foxi (Focsani) – Husi – Chisinau (Chisinau) – Uman – Belaya Tserkov Kiev – Nizhin – Bryansk – Kaluga – Obninsk – Bronnitsy – Elektrostal – Vladimir – N.Novgorod.

Preparation: visas, green card, medical insurance.

The visas were done in Moscow themselves (website of the Bulgarian embassy:, website of the visa service center: The cost of the visa is 1600 mandatory service fee of the 1000 ruble visa center.For children under 6 years only take the service charge).

Green card made in “Rosno”. 1670 rub. for 15 days. Insurance in the same place – 2090 rubles. – at all. At all, except for my grandmother – with a multiplying factor (alpine skiing).

First day: Nizhny Novgorod – Kiev.

We left at 5:00.

Mileage per day – 1340 km.

The Ukrainian border was crossed at Troebortny, arrived at 16h-30h, 4 hours in total were killed.

Money: 1 hryvnia = 3.76 rubles.

Gasoline in Ukraine: 6.35-6.55 UAH. In Bryansk, they specifically inflate the gas stations – it is better not to dump them thoroughly.

Evening Kiev impressed, made some pictures on Khreshchatyk, decided to stop on the way back, look again.

While we had a tripod, cameras and doors flapping, we woke up the sleeping Sanka. Sanka moaned, I felt pity and took it on the handles. Sanka gladly fell asleep on the handles and half an hour later, on the handles and described herself. The wet driving was even worse …

Recorded the position of Lech, who announced that my birthday has already arrived. In the pants described by Sanka, but with a diamond gift around his neck, it has become much more fun to roll.

Sheltered for a long time. Prices unpleasantly surprised: to spend the night in a small hotel in a car wash, they asked $ 50 per person. As a result, slept in the motel “Sniper”, 10-12 km to Kiev. Double suite (double loft, toilet, shower) – 269 UAH. Parking 7 UAH. They paid in euros, accepted 35, maybe they were overpaid, but they did not have the strength to look for something else.

It was already after midnight, they celebrated my birthday by hastily waving three glasses of vodka caught at home in ginger.

Third day: Radauti-Bran (Bucovina to Transylvania)
Second day: Kiev-Radauti (Romania)