At the edge of striking miners

Get up at 8:30. Breakfast potatoes. I went out on the street, I’m leaving the city with a systop . Replacing two cars “in the direction of Kemerovo”, I found myself in a long street on the right side of which extend the cars sold. Type market “black”. Hitch-hiking was also hindered by the fact that at the end of the street there was a huge market and all cars drove there. Already traveled a decent distance, and the market does not stop there. I finally caught the ZIL, which I had left at the end of the market, at the exit station of the traffic police. Unfortunately, it was a trip to Leninsk-Kuznetsky , not to Kemerovo-Krasnoyarsk. I had to stop at the market and from there, on four other cars, at the right exit of the city. Lost a lot of time. An hour later, was still on the “good” station of the traffic police. An electronic bulletin board is nearby. His testimony was as follows: P-736, 11:38, 23 ° C.

He immediately took the ZIL with boards 30 km, which led me to the village of Sokur at 9:10. Ten minutes later, I took a seat in a foreign car very air conditioned and air conditioned. Too bad she did not drive to the next traffic police station. There I managed to take the Toyota Corolla to Yurga . At 10h50, the car turns in Yurga , I pass in front of the traffic police station, which is also a kind of “customs of the Kemerovo region”. A driver reported, it seems, ten rubles to all cars. There are already very few machines, however, I do not have time to go to the end of the post because I take the black Volga that goes to the state farm Arlyukovsky .

And now, stand in the turning of the state farm. Despite the fact that the border of the regions is already behind, something has not increased. Notice shine water nearby. I went down to the hollow and saw some kind of tank. Immediately climbed swim. The bottom turned out to be viscous. I climbed in the mud on a sharp thing, I want to remove my leg and the second at that moment sinks even more into the mud. While “stomping” on my toe, I threw up a piece of decent meat. I had to provide first aid:

1. You have a first aid kit.

2. Bleed some dirty blood.

3. Rinse with water.

4. Put the meat back in the wound (it’s a shame to throw it away!)

5. I treated the edges with cotton and iodine

6. I took out a streptocidal tablet , crushed it with a knife and poured the powder on a gauze pad.

7. Put all this on the wound and place a bandage on his finger.

8. Put on clean socks, put on shoes, stumbled on the track.

It hurts stupid – there is certainly dirt in the wound. I got up on the road, stopping KAMAZ with the “ASPHALT” sign behind the windshield. The driver’s day was over and he went to the village of Topki, “to my mother-in-law’s house for pancakes”. I intended to reach Kemerovo. Before reaching 27 km, KAMAZ entered the village, leaving me at the roundabout. I stayed there for 45 minutes, but I took a Toyota fast. The young men were returning from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo. They worked at the mayonnaise factory and decided to show me around because they had to unload bags of additives from the chest. It was Sunday and I could not try the “hot” mayonnaise, but I looked at the store, where the mayonnaise is first boiled, then rolled in banks and stored in a large refrigerator.

After the “tour”, I was given a “tourist trip” around the city and taken to the emergency room because the injury still made me feel uncomfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, neither a passport nor an insurance policy was necessary. The service doctor only asked:

– Do you have bandages?

– There is. – I said surprised. – Only not sterile.

– Nothing, go.

– And how do you help those who do not wear bandages ?!

“That’s how we render …” the doctor answered mysteriously.

Then I was given an injection of tetanus, washed the wound with towels with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and put a bandage on my entire leg after using all my bandage. At the time of separation, they wrote a certificate for me: “this help was provided in connection with the scalp injury of the finger on the right foot …” and it was advised to apply this certificate to a medical establishment in regarding the dressing. (I will say immediately that the bandage was no longer necessary.) Three days later, the bandage “slipped” and I became convinced that the wound was not infected, I seized it with a bactericidal bandage and … I climbed on the rocks of the Krasnoyarsk pillars, but in this respect, in turn.) I called the only one from my list at Kemerovo. But a certain Oli was not at home. Toyota was waiting for me at the entrance and at half-past three I was taken to the traffic police station.

The local time was already seven-thirty – night business! After shaking hands for forty minutes and without stopping any of the remote vehicles, I decided to have a “lunch” near the kiosk, where they were selling hot sandwiches with drinks. After asking for boiling water, I prepared mashed potatoes and tea, bought a hot cake with ham, ketchup and cheese. Relaxed in a plastic chair at the table, ate everything. Having finished his lunch at 5 pm, he immediately stopped Jeep Toyota in Mariinsky . At the wheel, a former military doctor and his son. On the way, the driver told how he made a living by buying animal skins in Mongolia and China and making winter hats with his wife. We talked a lot about the harshness of Siberian nature, the bad manners of the inhabitants of the Altai, the big building sites and Stalin’s camps. We arrived in Mariinsk at dusk. On the advice of the driver, I went to the canteen of the railway. “Dinner” of pea soup, buckwheat with schnitzel and kefir with bread cost me 5p. 10kop

Mariinsk station was very close. Rewriting the train times, I tried to go to the station attendant. Given the late hours and the absence of a train, the door on the right building was locked. In questioning other railway workers, I discovered that their freight trains did not go in any direction because of picketing of miners in Anzhero-Sudzhensk . So I had nothing to catch at the station.

On foot, in the sleepy city, I reached the traffic police station on the highway. On the left, I found a nice clearing between the bushes, set up a tent and went to bed at 8:30.

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