Third day Oz. Zyuratkul – Chrysostome

“I feel wonderful here … hot and humid!”

(Mr. Gorky, “Song of the Falcon”

Early in the morning We open our eyes – The weather … Same as yesterday, covered, wet and, it looks, not at all hot … HOW IT DOES NOT want to get out of the car!

Late morning

My mother and Sanya : we were already at home, warmed up, we were putting all we could to warm ourselves up. Sanya and I put on our boots over our grandmother and put on my boots. Sasha had socks with fluffy stripes instead of gloves on her hands …

Found a lake! Uh, in sunny weather here, surely, just great! And now everything is so dark, inhospitable, but still, a kind of global – the view is beautiful. The mountains behind the fog are almost invisible. And we need! My mother and I are planning a hike to a paleovolcano , where 70 different minerals should be sought – and here it is! Where is this volcano? To put it mildly, it is not clear.

We communicated with the locals – everyone wandered around the lake, freezing, waiting for the weather. They say different things about time … They lie, most likely …

We had breakfast with a packet of dry Chinese pasta. Sasha is happy, her grandmother’s headscarf is wrapped in four layers, she claps her hands on her socks))) A gorgeous girl))) In anticipation of the faces expression of awake crew members, I do not do not want to go back to camp.

We are walking further. Along the dam along the lake and down the dirt road, we came across the sign “Ecological Trail”. There are several stands at the gates with warnings about the bears found here … To scare the bears, it is better to speak loudly, to sing or to hit stones … Well, make noise, it’s easy! Behind the doors, the path drawn by the planks goes somewhere in the forest. Of course, go!

We walk along the boards, take pictures, collect “inedible, but still take and give daddy mushrooms”, look for berries, but there are no berries, you can not get away from the track – around the humidity and the marsh … Finally, Sanya begins to “hurt”, tired, on the handle “- back.On the exit, we find blue stones, of course, true lovers of mineralogy we stuff our pockets, those that are no longer cleaned in our pockets – we start to break into pieces, to look at what’s inside … Weird stones, we decide that, most likely, slags but we do not always throw them in our pockets)

At the same time: Lech is asleep, Anton is sitting in the car, the second crew of the car also does not seem to have a nose, like reading …

“Well, everything is fine, well, they came for a walk, well, there is a lake, mountains, cool, well …”

Finally in the camp, stirring.

Galya and Lenka are today the most vigorous part of the second team, they go out, they will also explore the surroundings, Galya BORES !!! in the frozen lake.

Toch , Tonka, Vanka crawl out, we put plastic bags in their shoes to save them at least puddles – and we let all the kids go in the mud. The children are happy, thank God for them, it’s always nice in all weathers …

Meanwhile, the camp is restless … Sveta and Ilyukha are not in such a climate and are seriously considering retiring. They say it is necessary to throw on Akhtuba , it is hot. But we looked at the weather before we left, and we know the weather is not better there – well, maybe it’s warmer, but also overcast and rainy. The opinions were divided, I do not want to leave, but apparently, it is necessary. So far we have decided not to finally, but we still divide the products into 2 cars.

Clever – Sveta begins to prepare dinner, but our mother and our soul separate in the distance and, while the water is boiling, we leave Sanka to the sad Lech and flee again …

We continue to search the neighborhood, we find a place of sale of souvenirs, we buy some stone birds for the collection of my mother. Satisfied, we reach the entrance of ” Ecopark “. It’s a zoo, something interesting. I also read that there was a dog kennel on its territory. (I secretly hope that Lekhino’s heart at the sight of the lovely puppies of the Siberian husky will wane and that we will come home with the dog.Check out the price of admission (I do not remember exactly, about 70 rubles for adults and children .. all

We return to camp, we help Svetka with lunch. We are eating lunch. Wash my dishes on the beach in boats filled with water. ” Ilyukh , you still have a clean boat – rinse the pot?”

On a full stomach easier to negotiate. The general verdict is this: we are renting an apartment in Zlatoust . Tomorrow we leave to watch everything. We are cold and wet, in the evening we are hot, we drink. If the weather improves, we move to the countryside. Otherwise, Zedrinsky’s family in Akhtouba and we are here to face the circumstances. We collect things.

And time is walking! Already, even the mountain can be seen …

We persuade others before leaving to show the children the “Kingdom of Glorious Saltan “- a fairytale town made of wood located on the shore. The next is making fun of a punch in a donkey that we are suffering – we are used to it! – We are again very necessary … Hooray, persuaded, we leave.

In a wooden city, it is very fabulous, and it turned out that you can even live in this fairy tale. The houses, however, are completely devoid of amenities, just walls and lounge chairs, but then – just in the fairy tale. All we have stopped is that if you live here and drive every day, you have to pay every day to enter the reserve. Yes, and come back, I must say, every day is not near.

In Zlatoust , they settled in a two-room apartment, although the presence of some of the children and dogs did not advertise.

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